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Terms & Conditions


The regulations for use of the Bentanji.com website relating to the supply of resources and services available for all customers on this site are set out below.

1. “Bentanji.com” (LINK) is a website – a computerised virtual resource in the Internet, owned by Bentanji, which presents Bentanji’s products and services and offers users the possibility to use different services, as well as to find information, from hyperlink to resources, situated on the Bentanji server or on the server

2. Bentanji … (“Bentanji”) is a società a responsabilità limitata (private limited liability company), duly incorporated and existing according to the laws of the Italian Republic, with registered office in Reggio Emilia in Via Giovanni Falcone 10. Bentanji manages and monitors the Bentanji.com site.

3. The “End-User” is any individual that uses the Bentanji.com site.

4. "Harmful actions" are actions or omissions that violate Internet ethics and/or cause damage to persons connected with use of the Internet or associated networks, as well as any actions that may be defined as offenses or administrative violations according to Italian legislation or other applicable regulations. Harmful actions include (by way of example): (i) the sending of unsolicited communications (SPAM, JUNK MAIL), (ii) access to resources using the rights and passwords of others, (iii) the exploitation of imperfections in the system for their own benefit or to obtain information (HACKING), (iv) committing actions that may be defined as industrial espionage or sabotage, (v) the damaging or destruction of systems or groups of information (CRACKING), (vi) the sending of systems by non-authorised remote access ("Trojan horses") or that cause the installation of viruses, disturbance of the Internet’, etc..

5. “Bentanji database” is a database organised as a catalogue of three-dimensional models of products created by Bentanji.

6. Bentanji supplies customers with a set of predefined resources and services for free and which are not available without prior registration on the Bentanji.com web pages.

7. The computer and other technical equipment, access to Internet and connection for transmission of computerised packages between the End-User and the web page, necessary for use of the Bentanji.com site, must be guaranteed by the End-User. Bentanji is not liable in the event that the End-User is unable to access the services due to problems which are not under its control (a hardware or software problem, or problem relating to connection to internet, etc.). 

8. These Regulations do not apply for services that are subject to particular rules, such as for dealings between the End-user and third parties. 

9. The services supplied by Bentanji are always modifiable with a view to their improvement and the extension of their range, as well as with relation to legislative changes that affect the services supplied; as a result, the technical characteristics and the methods for their supply (free access, registration, payment of the consideration corresponding to the product) as well as these Regulations, may be modified at any time unilaterally by Bentanji. Bentanji has the right to interrupt the supply of such services, as well as block access to the Bentanji.com site at any time and at its exclusive discretion.

10. In the event of unexpected modifications in the performance of the services and/or in these Regulations, Bentanji undertakes to inform the End-User by means of publishing an announcement on the Bentanji.com site with a text of the modifications or a hyperlink to a web page in which the amended provisions are available. 

11. The parents or guardians of minors are liable for all damage caused by the latter to Bentanji or to third parties in relation to use of the Bentanji.com site.

12. Bentanji supplies the End-User with: 

a. limited access to the Bentanji database and information regarding the designer and producer of the Bentanji products contained in it. For the purpose of using the option for the combination of three-dimensional models of original products of interior design and compositions of interior design, the End-user must be registered with Bentanji.com, must pay a certain fee defined on the web page and must accept the respective license agreement;

b. access to other textual, graphic, audio and video materials and other resources on Bentanji.com.

13. The End-User undertakes to comply with the terms and conditions relating to the system of use of the services, as well as relating to any other conduct determined by Bentanji for the purpose of protecting or improving the quality and reliability of the services.

14. All intellectual property rights relating to the content on the Bentanji.com website, including, but not limited to, text, images, graphics, photos and other video material, sound material, lay-out, software, compilations or data, databases (including Bentanji databases) and other materials, as well as intellectual property rights with regards to services, are subject to protection according to Italian law and are the exclusive property of Bentanji or of the third party granting to Bentanji the right to use  these rights. The End-user may not use the Bentanji.com website, the services or any element of their content, in any other way apart from those permitted according to their relative purposes.  

15. The End-User’s right of access does not include the right to copy or reproduce the content of Bentanji.com or any part or element of it or to use any object which is the intellectual property of Bentanji or third parties, unless this involves a negligent volume of content only for personal and not commercial use, which does not affect the legitimate interests of the authors or any other holder of intellectual property rights. In all events, the End-User may not cancel any indication of information relating to the trademark or other types of property rights on the materials available.

16. The End-user may not transfer the content of the Bentanji.com site or any available element of it in any way to third parties and may not copy it. This, among other things, means that the End-User may not extract and/or reuse substantial parts of Bentanji.com content repeatedly and systematically extract and reuse non-substantial parts of the content of the content without Bentanji’s written permission.

17. When using the Bentanji.com website, the End-User is obliged not to upload to the Bentanji’s server, transmit or otherwise make available to third parties, information, data, texts, sounds, files, software, music, photos, drawings, graphics, videos, messages, as well as other materials which:

a. are contrary to Italian legislation, applicable foreign law, these Regulations, Internet ethics and principles of morality and good faith;

b. contain a threat to human life or health;

c. have advertising purposes, unless Bentanji has given its prior written consent;

d. have a pornographic content or any other content that endangers the normal mental development of minors or that violates the principles of morality and good faith;

e. have content that violates human rights and the fundamental freedom of the individual;

f. contain commercial or industrial secrets or other information protected by law;

g. are subject to the intellectual property rights of third parties, unless the holder of the right has given their prior written consent;

h. violate any pecuniary or intangible rights or legitimate interests of third parties.

18. In the event of violation of one of the requirements as per the previous paragraph, Bentanji has the right to immediately suspend without notice the End-User’s and third parties’ access to the respective contents, information or materials In this case Bentanji shall have the right to inform the competent authorities of the discovery of the violation.  

19.When using the Bentanji.com website the End-User undertakes:

a. to comply with Italian legislation, applicable foreign law, these Regulations, Internet ethics and principles of morality and good faith;

b. not to offend any reputation and not to encourage any violent change of the constitutional order, crime, damage to a person or to inspire racial, national, ethnic or religious hatred;

c. not to promote fascist ideology or any other anti-democratic ideology;

d. not to violate the tangible or intangible rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights;

e. to immediately inform Bentanji of any case of committed or discovered violation of use of the Bentanji.com website;

f. not to introduce themselves as representative of a legal entity or a group of people, which they are not authorised to represent, or to deceive third parties in other ways regarding their identity or membership of a determined group of people;  

g. not to carry out harmful actions.

20. All users are prohibited from uploading onto the Bentanji server, or to send, deliver. Disseminate, make available to third parties or use in any way computer programmes, files, attachments or other materials or information, containing computer viruses, non-authorised remote access systems (“Trojan horses”), computer codes or materials intended to interrupt, prevent, violate or limit the normal functioning of hardware or software or of telecommunication devices or intended to perform unauthorised penetration in, or access to, foreign resources or software.

21. Every End-User is obliged not to carry out and not to seek to obtain unauthorised access to the services supplied, to the profiles of users, computer systems or networks, linked to the services supplied, for cracking either by using the passwords of others or by any other method.

22. Bentanji does not have the obligation or the objective ability to control the way in which the End-User uses the Bentanji.com website or to find out about facts or circumstances that indicate illegal activities relating to this use.

23. Bentanji may put hyperlinks and advertising on the Bentanji.com website for the sale of goods and services on the part of third parties – partners of Bentanji. Bentanji is not liable for the availability and the quality of these goods and for the contents of these services, as well as for the execution of all the obligations assumed, relating to their performance, since the actions of the third parties – partners of Bentanji are not under Bentanji’s control.

24. Bentanji has the right, but not the obligation, to remove, cancel or block, at its own discretion, parts or elements of the content of the Bentanji.com website.

25. Bentanji has the right, but not the duty, to save any content situated on its server and to submit it to third parties and to the respective authorities in the event that it is necessary in order to protect the rights, legitimate interests and security of Bentanji or third parties, as well as in other cases in which the respective content is requested by the respective state authorities.  

26. Bentanji takes due care that the content available on Bentanji.com is correct, but does not guarantee the authenticity and completeness of this content, unless otherwise specified on the Bentanji.com website.

27. Bentanji does not guarantee that the services supplied shall be uninterrupted, accurate, reliable, secure and free of errors, since this is beyond Bentanji’s capability, control and will. Bentanji is not liable for the failed supply of services if circumstances occur that are outside of Bentanji’s control – cases of force majeure, problems with Internet and with the supply of services outside of Bentanji’s control.

28. Bentanji does not guarantee uninterrupted use of the services supplied.

29. Use of the Bentanji.com website occurs at the End-User’s risk and danger and is under the End-User’s exclusive responsibility.

30. Bentanji is not liable for damages caused to the User during use of the Bentanji.com website, unless caused intentionally or due to serious negligence on the part of Bentanji.

31. Bentanji is not liable for damages to software, hardware or telecommunication devices, or for the loss of data deriving from the content searched, uploaded or used in any way through the services supplied.