Scrivania 900 Desk 3d model

Product Code: 1673
License: Royalty Free License

Poly count:1044531
€ 14,00

Available Options

3dsmax2013 Corona 7 Available
3dsmax2013+Vray 3.4 Available
Cinema4D Corona 7 Request Availability
Cinema4D Maxwell 3.2 Available
Cinema4D Vray 3.4 Request Availability
FBX + Materials Available
Maxwell Studio 3.2 Available
OBJ + Materials Available
Presentation Images Available
VRScene Request Availability

The presence of an executive desk is its most powerful feature for presenting you to your coworkers, employees and clients. It must strike the fine balance between inviting and professional, as well as communicate your influence and serve as a space for your creativity and productivity to flow uninhibited. With that in mind, let the Scrivania 900 deskfrom Morelato set the tone for all of your work. The strong geometry of the desk is created by the block-style shape, which is offered in several sizes and configurations to suit your office like a single or double drawer style. The rich wood tone offsets the sharp angles to create an inviting place to work and meet.

The product comes without scene, camera or lights, include only 3dmodel. Camera and lights setting include only for primary view on all Beinspirations.
Standard material for 3ds max or Cinema 4D include just linked basic textures, and not preconfigured material shader, or other render setting for launch rendering.