Fence Bench Coffee Table with Books 3d model

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Poly count:103568
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Fence Bench Coffee Table with Books.

If you're looking to emphasize the unique, yet timeless style of your home, look no further. You've got the perfect piece in this Fence bench. 

The fence is a bench designed to be used both as a seat or table. Its light and sophisticated design, matching the wireframe continuous band in treated metal rods with the solid Canaletto walnut slats of the top, make it unique for furnishing any living area as well as the bedroom as well. 
The fence is an accessory standing out for the essential lines that confer it strength and character, profiting from the contrast between natural wood and industrially treated metal.

We suggest stacked books but you can also use pillows.

The product comes without a scene, camera or lights, include only 3dmodel. Camera and lights setting include only for primary view on all Beinspirations.
Standard material for 3ds max or Cinema 4D include just linked basic textures, and not preconfigured material shader, or other render setting for launch rendering.

Dimension: L - 155 cm x W - 38 cm x H - 37 cm (Bench)