Plants collection 2 3d model

Product Code: plants flowers collection 2
License: Royalty Free License

€ 156,00

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20 set including vertical garden 1 and 2 plant collection for all software supported:

3dsmax2013+Corona 1.5

3dsmax2013+Maxwell 3.2

3dsmax2013+Vray 3.4

Cinema4DR16+Maxwell 3.2

Cinema4DR17+Vray 3.4

Maps + OBJ Available

Maxwell Studio 3.2


 Lemon Tree in Pot 02

 Lemon Tree in Pot

 Epipremnum in Pot

 Thyme in Pot

 Skeleton Plant in Vase

 Succulent Pot Set with Echeveria and Rosemary Plants

 Pots with Plants, Stack of Books and Bottle

 Lanterns and Planter with Fig Tree

 Leaning Display Ladder with Hanging Plants

 Leaf Hurricane Centerpiece

 Trays with Bowls, Rosemary, Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper

 Vase Set with Monstera Plant

 Pots with Donkey's Tail and Aloe Vera

 Stool and Pots with Plants

 Monstera and Bowls with Pear

 Timber Planter

 Wise Egg Planter

 Vertical Garden

 Vertical Garden 2

 Ficus Wiandi Bonsai in Pot

The product comes without scene, camera or lights, include only 3dmodel. Camera and lights setting include only for primary view on all Beinspirations.