Swag Leg Armchair

Herman Miller Inspiration
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Swag Leg Armchair.

This armchair is part of a collection that was born of George Nelson’s desire to create furniture with a sculpted leg, and he had very specific ideas about how that leg would take its form. He wanted the base to be gracefully curved, crafted from metal, machine formed and prefinished, as well as easily assembled and disassembled so it could be shipped conveniently and made more affordable. Swaging, the use of pressure to taper and bend metal tubes, proved to be the smartest method for producing these legs, and it is this process that lends its name to Nelson’s distinctive design.

For the chair’s seat shell, Nelson combined separate seat and back pieces to form a sculptural shape that fits and flexes with the body. A slit between the seat and back helps prevent heat build-up. Wide, flat arms provide a comfortable place to rest forearms. 

The chair design is stylish and elegant, and it goes nicely with the Nelson swag leg desk and tables in home offices, dining areas, modern living or conference rooms.

This classic design is at home in any kind of interior. Is it comfortable? It is. Very. It's also strong and durable, so it fits the way you live now.

Areas Bathroom, Commercial, Dining, Living, Office
Designers George Nelson
Materials Plastic, Metal
Style Contemporary, Scandinavian, Modern