Il Canto Del Fuoco Fireplace

Antonio Lupi Inspiration
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Il Canto Del Fuoco Fireplace by Antonio Lupi.

The project of a fire place has been created by Antonio with the intent to design fire as if it were an integration of the furniture for the bathroom.

Essential and evocative forms, easy to use, this fireplace perfectly integrates in the wall, with its colors, finishes and textures, becoming an architectural element.

The bending surface like a folder sheet of paper is pulling back introducing at its end the place where fire is. 

Its design contributes ato create a dynamic warm atmosphere.

Antonio Lupi using its know-how in furniture design has created the "tailor-made fire place", created expressly for the bathroom, but not only, because it can also be fitted in any other context of the house.

Areas Bathroom, Living, Commercial
Designers Domenico De Palo
Materials Metal, Wood
Style Contemporary, Modern
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